Sunday, November 14, 2010

Analysis of Project 6

Facebook logo
I used the Google Forms application and created a survey about The Facebook.  In doing this survey I wanted to see how many people were members of The Facebook, how much time was spent on it daily, and what people's main uses for it were.  After collecting all of the surveys back, it is very evident to me that most people are members of The Facebook.  In the response I received back, 20 out of 22 people are now members.  I learned that most people use The Facebook site daily and most people use it for social networking.  The majority of the people that took the survey said that The Facebook was counterproductive to their studies, which I totally agree with.  Most of them also said that The Facebook would not be a good tool to supplement their studies with.  I enjoyed creating this survey and getting the results back from it.  I think that it shows how much our society depends on these social networking sites.  If you would like you can view the Complete Survey Results Summary here.

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