Sunday, November 7, 2010

Summary Post C4K:3-8

kids around the earth
I have really enjoyed viewing and commenting on the kids blogs. It is so much fun to see children blogging and using the computer in ways that I would have never been able to at their ages.
The first blog that I viewed was a little boy named James and he is in the second grade. In this post he created a story about Kupe and filmed himself telling this story. In his video, it was great to see his confidence in front of the camera. It was great to see this little boy as comfortable as he was making the video.
I viewed another blog that was created by a boy named Felix and in this post Felix discussed what makes him mad and how he deals with his anger. I think that this is a great exercise for children because it is important for children to be able to identify their emotions and know how to deal with the effectively.
I also read a blog post from a little girl named Kathryn and in her post she talked about a transition that she had to make to a new school. It was great to hear her talk about the situation and what she expected and then how it all actually turned out. Kathryn was at first afraid of going to a new school but then once she got their and met the people and got to know some of her classmates she decided that it was not as bad as she thought it was going to be.
Another blog post that I read was a girl named Rebecca and in her post she gave a run down on the characters in her favorite Nintendo DS game. The game that she likes is a detective game.
I also viewed the blog of a boy named Nagrom. In his post he had uploaded a picture that he had taken and in this picture it looked as if it were pieces of boards that had been nailed together. In his post he asked what we thought of the picture. I told him that I thought it was a great picture and that it really allowed the viewer to have an open mind and see what they wanted to see in it. I think that it is great for children to have hobbies such as photography and I told him to keep up the good work.
I really have enjoyed following the blogs of these children. It is a wonderful thing to see them learning so much and being able to show how much they are learning by blogging!

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