Sunday, November 7, 2010

Summary Post C4T #3

I followed Jeff Utecht's blog "The Thinking Stick." In his blog he presents you with a number of different things to think about as an educator. In the first post that I read of his he discusses how educators teach their students. He touches on the idea that it is not the material that has to be taught but it is the way that the material is presented and taught to the students. He says that not all students learn the same way and that teachers need to take that in to consideration and teach in a variety of ways so that all students no matter how they learn best can benefit from the lessons. This was very interesting to me because it is very true and I do not think that all teachers do a good job of remembering this when they are teaching. I hope that when I am actually in the working field I am able to remember this and use different approaches to teaching so that everyone can learn.
In his second post he made several very bold statements about the direction that the world is heading in. He said that we live in a socially connected world, whether it be Facebook or Twitter, we are connected with the whole world. He also said that we need to stop making excuses for the amount of time that we spend "connected" and just face the fact that it is the norm of society and it is expected of us to be connected in society today. He also said that the future is mobile. He said that our phones are the way that most people will be connected in the next three years if not sooner. All phones will have a mobile device built into them sooner than later.
I enjoyed following this blog. Mr. Utecht has some very interesting information on his blog and it is fascinating to read.

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