Sunday, December 5, 2010

Final Report on My PLN

I have really enjoyed using to Symbaloo to creat my PLN. On my PLN I have The Facebook and Twitter as social networking sites. I am also following quite a few people whose blogs I have enjoyed reading and would like to continue to follow after this class. These people's blogs have very useful information on them in my opinion. Some of these blogs include:
Matthew Needleman, Jeff Utecht and his blog "The Thinking Stick", Mr. Clung's blog, Dorothy Burt's blog "Manaiakalani", and Eric Langhourst's blog. I also have a few other sites on here which I was introduced to from this class and they include The ALEX website, The ACCESS website, the Google Squared website, and the Wolfram Alpha website. I hope that through my PLN I can keep in touch with these people and continue to follow them and gain knowledge that will help me in the field of education.
PLN from Symbaloo

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