Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Summary Post C4K 9-11

I love reading the kids blogs because they are so will never find two that are alike.

Happy Halloween pumpkin

The first blog that I looked at was Phoebe's and she was in Gaudet 60 but I did not know her grade level. She wrote about her Halloween experience in her post. She told a story of how she went to a party and at the party there was someone dressed up as a joker that kept trying to scare her and her friends. She said that it was annoying because the person was not scary and that she just had bad breath. I think that this is so funny because from the whole night of Halloween that is what stuck out to her the most.
Andre Weil

The next blog that I read was from Mrs. Melito's Class and I read Kelly A's blog. In the post that I read Kelly informed me about a mathematician named Andre Weil. He was a very talented mathematician and did most of his work in the area of algebraic geometry. Weil taught at a Muslim school in India, he was an author and then finally taught at Princeton. She had very good information in her post and I enjoyed learning about him.

doberman puppy

The last post that I read was from Mrs. Huebner's Class and I read Amy's blog. In her post she had written a story called The Wild Doberman. This story was about the journey of a dog from one owner to another. The dog had run away from its first owner to what he thought was an abandon house but it turned out that the house was not abandoned. The house had an older couple that lived in it and they loved their new dog. I enjoyed reading Amy's story because she used her imagination to write it.

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